Tuscumbria becoming a place for the rich & famous?

Still thought of as  one of the hidden gems of Central Italy, Tuscumbria is fast becoming a hot destination for many celebrities. In 2009, George Lucas of Star Wars fame purchased an old convent and proceeded to pour millions of Euros into the property and in doing so turned it into a private luxury getaway where he often hosts many of his famous colleagues. (Read the article here George Lucas in Umbria and TouringUmbria).

Another well known celebrity, Ralph Fiennes of Harry Potter fame, has a place in the small city of Umbertide and visits Citta di Castello on a regular basis. Still another celebrity, Colin Firth of The King's Speech fame, has a house in Citta di Castello. (Read the article here from Corriere).

George Lucas & Francis Ford Coppola in Umbria (image: Corriere)

George Lucas' renovated convent (image: Corriere)

View from Passignano sul Trasimeno (image: Corriere)

We can understand why Tuscumbria is becoming more and more of an attraction for celebrities and the rich & famous. Many celebrities prefer staying in the Italian countryside and escaping the stuffiness of the major cities. Tuscumbria's location is not only ideal (as all of the major cities in Italy are within 3 hours of the area), but it offers excellent cuisine and a huge selection of outdoor activities (e.g. truffle hunting, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, world-class golfing, hiking, bicycling, beaches, swimming, etc.). Tuscumbria also offers visitors the option of complete privacy. Similar to George Lucas' estate there are many other properties and agriturismi that one can rent that offer first-class amenities and complete undisturbed privacy. Altabella Properties is an example of one such property and we highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a wonderful place to stay in Tuscumbria.

Though many celebrities are just now finding out about Tuscumbria, it is only a matter of time before more start flocking to the area. Understanding this, we would urge that you visit Tuscumbria soon before it becomes solely a destination for the elite (which we hope it never does!).
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