Restaurant Review: Trattoria Lo Scoiattolo

R E S T A U R A N T     R E V I E W S

SR = Strongly Recommend 
HR = Highly Recommend 
LE = Look Elsewhere 

T R A T T O R I A   L O   S C O I A T T O L O

Trattoria Lo Scoiattolo is a pleasant place to stop for a quick bite to eat if you are traveling between Tuoro Sul Trasimeno and Cortona. We often stop by Trattoria Lo Scoiattolo for a 30 minute cappuccino on our way from the Niccone Valley to the Lido at Tuoro Sul Trasimeno. The ristorante offers fantastic panoramic views of Lake Trasimeno and is absolutely a must visit on a gorgeous day. The staff and management are pleasant but not remarkable. We definitely recommend visiting Trattoria Lo Scoiattolo if you're passing through the area. Here is a link to TripAdvisor Reviews: Trattoria Lo Scoiattolo

RATING: Highly Recommend [HR]

The views are spectacular!

Our youngest son adored the squirrels!

The entrance to Trattoria Lo Scoiattolo 

LyveHome: Preserving Life Moments & Memories

"We do not remember days, we remember moments. 
The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten." 
-Cesare Pavese

Here at we couldn't agree more with this statement and believe its meaning is just as relevant today as it was to Cesare Pavese back in the early 20th Century.

To help "collect, sort and protect" all of our life memories we've found a neat new hardware device called LyveHome that claims to be the perfect, effortless, solution for preserving all of our memories so that they are not forgotten.

LyveHome was officially introduced at CES 2014 and from what we can tell it looks like a very promising option for anyone who takes pictures and videos to preserve their life memories.  We have taken thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos of our boys, family and friends both at home and abroad and think that LyveHome could prove to be very useful for helping anyone to preserve, organize and collect all of their most treasured memories.




What we find particularly appealing about this piece of hardware is the potential to share - in near real time - pictures & videos that you take from anywhere in the world with your friends and family whose devices you choose to include on your LyveHome network.

From what we know, each cellular device, computer and/or TV must have the free Lyve App installed and be recognized by the LyveHome server as an authorized network device. The LyveHome server will act as a personal cloud to store abut 2 terabytes of data. What distinguishes this hardware from other similar products is that the LyveHome server manages the data across all your devices (iOS, Android, etc.) allowing its user to determine which physical copies of each file to keep on which devices. The LyveHome server never uploads any of your pictures or videos to the Lyve cloud but, rather, uploads only the metadata which can then be used to download to other LyveHome app devices. Essentially, the Lyve cloud never stores any of your picture or video information.

LyveHome has an exclusive deal with Vizio and the Lyve App will be added to Vizio's Internet App Plus lineup sometime in April, 2014. The Lyve App is expected to be available on other smart TV's at some point too.

LyveHome is expected to be available in the United States sometime in the Spring of 2014. To learn more about the LyveHome product click HERE

If you've used LyveHome and would like to share your thoughts on this product please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Officine Panerai Watches

 Officine Panerai store in Florence, Italy

Many years ago while window shopping in Firenze (Florence), Italy, we came across a small boutique watch store called Officine Panerai. We fell instantly in love with the rugged elegance of the Panerai design, its rich history with the Italian Navy and its early relationship with Rolex.

  Officine Panerai store in Florence, Italy

While the allure of a Panerai is somewhat subjective, we believe watch enthusiasts find Panerai watches to be most appealing because of:

- It's rich history - Panerai started out in 1860 as an exclusive watch for the Italian Navy.
- Aesthetics & build quality - The combination of Italian design aesthetics & Swiss Rolex movement (in earlier versions).
- Distinct branding - The unmistakable clean elegance of the Italian design & the fonts used on the dial.
- The signature crown guard on many Panerai watch models.
- The friendliness of the Paneristi (Panerai watch enthusiasts).
- The exclusivity of the brand (almost every watch production is "limited").

Model shown: Panerai Radiomir 288K

After being purchased by the Richemont Group in 1997, Officine Panerai has grown in popularity. Luminor & Radiomir models are often considered the most sought after Panerai watches today. Panerai collectors also place significantly more value on Panerai models that contain the Officine Panerai in-house movements (e.g. p.9000, etc.).
Officine Panerai is, by far, our favorite Italian watch brand and we would not hesitate to recommend this brand to any watch enthusiast looking for a watch that they want to wear for the rest of their lives or to add to their watch collection as an investment.

 Panerai Radiomir 288K

 Panerai Radiomir 288K

To learn more about the Panerai brand and watches click here: Officine Panerai
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