Italian Newspapers

News is a great way to keep up to date with what is currently going on in and around Italy. Below is a list of some of the most important Italian daily newspapers. There are two national daily newspapers (Corriere & La Repubblica). Many newspapers have English sections. For those that do not have English sections it is possible to copy the link of the newspaper website and paste into Google Translate.

La Nazione -  Florentine newspaper which is also published in Umbria and the province of  La Spezia
Corriere - One of the two national Italian daily newspapers.
La Repubblica - One of the two national Italian daily newspapers.
Easy Milano - Twice monthly news publication with classified ads (buy/sell/advertise).
ANSA - Italy's premier news wire service.
Adnkronos News - Wire news service.
Alto Adige - Northern Italian newspaper that publishes several pages per day in German.
L'Arena -  Verona newspaper.
Correrier Alpi - Northern Italian newspaper.
Correrier dello Sport - One of the top sports newspapers.
La Gazetta dello Sport - The top sports daily newspaper. 
Gazzetta del Sud - Sicilian and Southern Italian news coverage.
Gazzettino -  Venice newspaper.
Il Giorno - One of Milan's leading daily newspapers.
Il Manifesto - Left leaning Roman newspaper.
Il Tempo - Conservative Roman newspaper.
Il Messaggero - The most popular Roman daily newspaper.
Il Resto del Carlino - One of the most respected newspapers in Italy.
Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy's leading financial newspaper.
La Stampa - Turin newspaper owned by Agnelli (Fiat) family.
L'Osservatore Romano - Vatican Newspaper.
L'Unita - Communist Party newspaper.

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