Restaurant Review: Calagrana

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R I S T O R A N T E   C A L A G R A N A

Agriturismo Ristorante Calagrana
Loc. Bastia Creti, 277 - Umbertide [PG] Italy
Tel/Fax 075 9410865
Mobile 333 7328211
Owners: Alberto & Ely
"The restaurant offers a warm and simple setting with original features creating a wonderful environment in which to dine and spend long pleasant evenings. It has become the key meeting point for our guests, where you can come together and taste the wine and delicacies of the region, or simply mingle over an aperitif. Outside the restaurant is the veranda offering views over the swimming pool and the spectacular valley of Niccone. It is a lovely place to spend the long summer evenings."  (Calagrana Website)

The main entrance to Ristorante Calagrana

Calagrana is located in a small hamlet named Bastia Creti which is situated between Umbertide and Mercatale (environ of Cortona). The drive through the Niccone Valley to get to Calagrana is wonderful and picturesque. We had no problems finding the restaurant as it is clearly visible from the S416. The restaurant typically opens at about 7:30pm and reservations are a must. Our reservation confirmation failed to reach Calagrana in a timely manner due to internet lag but Ely (owner) was extremely accommodating and made an exception for us even though restaurant was completely booked.

The dining veranda is a must on a beautiful evening

The restaurant's own description (above), in our opinion, is spot-on. The setting while simple offers fantastic views of the Niccone Valley below and the environment is both warm and inviting for families and couples alike. We thought the decor was very tasteful and the staff very efficient and personable. The owner's 14 year old daughter, Sophia, was very charming. We found that Calagrana is very popular and has a steady flow of regular patrons (which makes making reservations even more important!). 

From Tagliatelle with Wild Boar Ragu and Bitter Chocolate to Guina Fowl Stew with Peppers and Tomato it was clear to us that the menu provided a generous selection of dishes from which to choose from. While we were not familiar with all of them our guess is that the menu was comprised of typical Umbrian dishes (with Chef Alberto's personal twist) and non-typical Umbrian dishes.

Like the service and setting the meal left us fully satisfied. The food, itself, was scrumptious. The flavors popped in our mouths and nothing was overdone. We found the portions to be just right. We were especially impressed by the Fried Tomato on a Bed of Prosciutto antipasta which was dry and semi-crunchy on the outside but moist and flavorful on the inside (tomato and mozzarella).  We also enjoyed the Quail on a Bed of Risotto. The quail, though small, was sufficiently rich and was complimented nicely by the risotto. Our son loved his off-the-menu dish of pasta with butter and parmesan.
Fried Tomato on a Bed of Prosciutto Milan style

Chicken Liver Paté with Chilli Sauce

Quail on a Bed of Risotto

Our meal with fries and vegetables

Pasta with Butter and Parmesan

Our choice of wine for the evening

If you are staying in or passing through the area we strongly recommend [SR] making reservations to eat at Calagrana. We were very satisfied with our experience at the restaurant and expect to go back again sometime in the not too distant future to meet Alberto and to try out a couple more of his dishes.

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