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The most popular types of accommodation for visitors to stay at in Italy are hotels, small boutiques, B&Bs and Agriturismi (see our section on Agriturismo). In our opinion, hotels and small boutiques are ideal choices for the big cities while B&B's and smaller hotels offer a more intimate setting if you are traveling through the more rural areas. Agriturismi are an excellent choice of accommodation if you are thinking about spending a week or two vacationing in the Italian countryside.

Indeed, Italy has no shortage of beautiful places to stay. The discerning traveler, however, will be able to find those hidden gems that offer a truly special hotel experience and augment their traveling experience. It is our hope that our short (but growing) list of hotels in the Tuscumbria area will help you to become one of these discerning travelers.

Lastly, it is important to remember that hotel accommodations can sometimes change ownership and/or management so the quality of service can change (for the better or worse). Please use the reviews below as a means to supplement additional current hotel/agriturismo reviews. Also please make sure you double check with the hotels/agriturismi to make sure that they are still open for business, whether a reservation is necessary (how much deposit, if any, is required) and what their rates are. Enjoy your stay! 

Hotel Basics
  • Passports - Typically, a hotel will require you to give them your passport but most hotels will simply make a copy of your passport for their records and hand your passport back to you on the spot. All visitors in Italy have to register with the Questura of the city where they are staying within 8 days of arrival to apply for a permesso di soggiorno (permission to stay). This is an anti-terrorism effort that predates Sept. 11 and I believe is related to internal terrorism from the 1970s. This isn't visible to most tourists because the hotels copy the passport and report the information but it is a requirement that is taken very seriously by the Italian government. The smaller towns sometimes practice more stringent policy and require visitors staying even just a couple of nights to register their passports with the local Questura. A good idea is to get a color photocopy of your passport, laminate it and carry that around with you in a place that is separate from your original passport.
  • Room beverages & snacks - unless there is a clear sign that says "complimentari" (free) then it is prudent to assume that the beverages and snacks are items that will be charged to your bill if you decide to consume them. Sometimes, even if you don't consume them but simply move them and fail to replace them back in the same place within a certain amount of time  you will incur a charge regardless of whether you consumed them or not. Many mini-fridges have sensors underneath the drinks that will send a message to the billing computer if an item is moved and not replaced in a set amount of time.
  • Special needs - Make sure to request any additional needs such as extra cots, cribs, etc. in advance. Also check to see whether your hotel has a fridge to store medications or milk for children. Some hotels charge an extra fee for cribs & cots but many do not.
  • Parking - If your hotel is located in the center of a town where it is pedestrian-only make sure to ask in advance for a permit that hotels can give you to allow you to drive your car to the hotel without getting a ticket.
  • Tips -  At the end of your stay, it is customary to leave a small tip for the the person who cleans your room. This is a nice gesture thanking them for cleaning your room and many cleaners actually rely on this tip to augment their income. We suggest that $5 Euro per day is sufficiently generous tip. Ofcourse, if the hotel is a 5 star (or luxury) hotel or you are renting a suite with multiple beds then adjust your tipping amount accordingly. In more upscale hotels, it is also customary to tip bellhops (per bag), doormen and management (concierge or someone who was very helpful). Use your judgment and common sense to determine how you tip.
  • Medical needs - If you are staying in a more rural area always make sure to check with your hotel where the nearest doctor, pediatrician or hospital is located and how much time it generally takes to get to them. As we all know, minutes can often mean the difference between life and death so understanding how long it will take to get your loved one to someone who can provide adequate medical attention is very important. Keep in mind that many of the rural areas in Tuscumbria are home to scorpions, vipers and wild bores all of which can inflict deadly harm if come across. Understanding how to immediately treat these types of injuries until help arrives is also very crucial to saving a life.

We have placed the hotels below into one of three categories: Strongly Recommend [SR], Highly Recommend [HR], Look Elsewhere [LE]. We hope that this grading method along with our brief review will enable you to make a better informed decision on which hotels to stay at. Please keep in mind that it is possible for hotel quality to improve or decline in any given year and that one should use the reviews below simply as additional information to help you make a better informed decision on where to and where not to stay. We believe that making your own opinion is always the best route to go!

Included in the list below are many hotels, B&B's, castles and Agriturismi in the Tuscumbria area that we have not yet had the chance to review or received a review on but have decided to list as a convenience for you. These hotels will have the no rating designation. Once we are able to review the hotel for ourselves or receive a hotel review from someone who has stayed at the hotel then a designation will be applied. We have provided basic contact information for these hotels and a website when possible. If you have stayed at any of these hotels (including the ones above), would like to add a hotel to the list or send us your review we will gladly post it on our site. Please follow the "Submit a Review" link on the menu bar or click here: Submit a Review.

H O T E L     R E V I E W S

SR = Strongly Recommend 
HR = Highly Recommend 
LE = Look Elsewhere

  • Albergo Capponi - (Piazza XXV Aprile - 06019 - Umbertide (PG) - tel: 011-39-075-941266) - Over the years, we have had both friends and family stay for a night or two at this hotel and, for the most part, have experienced basic but pleasant accommodations. We, ourselves, have stayed several times at Albergo Capponi as it is in close proximity to the the old part of Umbertide and reasonably priced. The rooms are simple but adequately furnished. You have the choice of rooms with a view of the piazza or rooms with a view overlooking the FCU train tacks and part of the Tiber river. Both views have a lot of character but offer nothing spectacular.  [HR]  
         Update 8/2011 - We recently stayed for a couple nights at Albergo Capponi and had a very nice stay.  
         Daniela, the owner and manger, was especially heplful, patient and kind when we ran into a problem 
         with our bathroom door. We accidentally locked the bathroom door from the inside and had to have the
         door broken open in order to get us out. She managed to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. 
         Definitely think about staying at Albergo Capponi if you are looking for a place to stay in Umbertide.
    •  La Preghiera - (Via dei Refari, Loc. Calzolaro - 06019 - Umbertide (PG) - tel: 011-39-075 - 9302428) - This hotel is located just outside of Umbertide and offers eleven tastefully furnished rooms. This hotel used to be a 12th Century monastery and still maintains a chapel along with a well-manicured garden. There is also an eco-friendly pool on the grounds. This is a great choice for families and it is also possible to hold weddings at the chapel. We highly recommend this place. [HR]

    • Poggiomanente - (SS 219 Uscita E-45, 06019 - Umbertide - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-941308) - This hotel is home to a restaurant that is a favorite among locals in the Umbertide area. Located between Gubbio and Umbertide the hotel offers nicely furnished rooms, restaurant on the grounds, a swimming pool and playground area for children. This is great choice for families. [HR]

    • La Chiusa - (Fr. Niccone 353 - 06019 - Umbertide - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-9410848) La Chiusa is an Agriturismo that has an excellent organic (meat & vegetables grown naturally on the grounds) restaurant and three adequately furnished rooms. The ownership and staff are very nice and pleasant. There is a salt water pool which adheres to the hotel's eco-friendly philosphy. Our only complaint is that the restaurant is a bit overpriced. [HR]

    • Agriturismo Preggio - (Via Madonna del Sodo 147- 06019 - Umbertide - ItalVia Madonna del Sodo - Umbertide) - Agriturismo Preggio is not only away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities but is also away from the smaller municipalities too. It is located at the end of a long road and is about 30 minutes from the major Umbrian towns. You will have a glorious unobstructed view of the Umbrian stars at night and beautiful valleys below where sheeps graze lazily. [HR] 

    Lisciano Niccone
    • Castello Reschio - (Fattoria di Reschio - 06060 - Lisciano Niccone - Italy) - Ever wanted to spend over $1,000 per night? Well, look no further. Actually, if you stay at one of the 6 estates on the Castello Reschio property you could very well end up spending upwards of $3,000 per night. Yes, you read that correctly. This is high-end luxury and for those who want to know how it feels to live like royalty then this is an ideal choice. This property is too rich for our blood but certainly worth mentioning as there are likely some who can afford this. We have heard that the experience is magical but that management has had problems in the past compensating guests when something goes wrong or the full services are not delivered as promised. Also, make sure to question any services or offered goods that are not explicitly stated as being "complimentari" (free) such as bottles of water, snacks in your room, shuttle trips to and from the train station, etc. Guests have expressed their displeasure after having read through their bill to see many items they thought were complimentary show up on their bill as an additional charge. One would think that for the amount one is paying these little expenses would not show up as additional charges. If you have the disposable income and this is the type of luxury you're looking for then this place would be a great place to stay. However, we cannot recommend this place given the cost and complaints we've heard. [LE]

    • La Locanda del Capitano - (Roma 7 - 06014 - Montone - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-9306521) - Located in the the small hamlet of Montone, this elegant hotel is run by a very pleasant owner named Giancarlo who also is a terrific chef for the restaurant on the premises. The rooms are small but nicely furnished and the staff is welcoming and accommodating. Montone is a beautiful village and worth seeing for a night or two. [HR]

    Lago Sul Trasimeno
    • Castello di Montegualandro - (Via Montecchio 1 - 06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-8230295) - Castello di Montegualandro has one of the most extraordinary views of Lake Trasimeno we've ever seen. Views from the property were featured in the Hollywood film Under the Tuscan Sun. Indeed, the property is an ideal setting for weddings, business gatherings, reunions and concerts. Montegualandro offers visitors four excellently appointed rooms to choose from. The owners, Claudio & Franca Marti, are extremely pleasant, accommodating and knowledgeable. We would not hesitate to strongly recommend this place to anyone looking for a truly amazing memorable experience. [SR]

    • SlowlifeUmbria - (Castel Rigone campagna 32 - 06065- Passignano Sul Trasimeno - Italy) If you are looking for a perfect blend of the old with the new and have the disposable income to spend a bit more then this is the place for you. The decor is undeniably modern and has the clean lines and tasteful furnishings that we adore. This hotel's close proximity to the beach at Lago sul Trasimeno makes it a great choice for those who enjoy spending a half a day at the beach and a half a day at the pool. This hotel is an excellent choice for couples. [SR]

    • Park Hotel Residence Montigeto - (Ss 75 bis del Trasimeno km 39,010 - 06065 - Passignano Sul Trasimeno - Italy) - 
    • Hotel Kursaal - (Via Europa 24 - 06065  - Passignano Sul Trasimeno - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-828085
    • Villa Trasimeno - (Via San Donato 21 - 06065 - Passignano Sul Trasimeno - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-8296294
    • Relais La Fattoria - (Via Rigone 1 - Castel Rigone - 06060 - Passignano Sul Trasimeno - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-845322)
    • Villa Trasimeno (Via San Donato N.21 - Passignano Sul Trasimeno - Italy - tel: 011-39-333-5359366

    • Trattoria Mimmi - (Mercatale di Cortona - Arezzo, Italy - tel: 011-39-0575-619029) - Trattoria Mimmi is best known for its homemade pasta, large courses and tasty wines. However, Trattoria Mimmi also rents our a couple of rooms that are simple but pleasant. The hotel is located in the heart of Mercatale which is small environ of Cortona. There is a pool and tennis court (nominal charge). If you are looking for a place to stay and you want excellent food then look no further. [HR]

    • Mulino delle Capannacce - (Mercatale di Cortona - Arezzo, Italy - Tel: 011-39-0575-619029) - Capannacce is a recently restored mill that offers the choice of 3 rooms. The hotel offers a private pool and a tennis court. If you are passing through the area and want to stop for a night or two then this is a good choice. [HR]
    • Relais Villa Baldelli - (Relais Villa Baldelli - San Pietro a Cegliolo, 420 - 52044 Cortona (Ar) Italy - Tel: 011-39-0575-612406)  -
    • Villa Marsili - (Viale Cesare Battisti 13 - 52044 - Cortona - Italy - tel: 011-39-0575-605252
    • Borgo Il Melone - (Case Sparse, 38 - Localit√† Il Sodo - 52042 - Cortona (AR) - tel: 0575-603330)
    • Il Falconiere - (Localit√† San Martino 370 - 52044 Cortona Arezzo - Italia - tel: 011-39-0575 612679)
    • Borgo San Pietro - (San Pietro a Cegliolo - 52044 Cortona (AR) - tel. 011-39-0575-612402)
    • Casa Chilenne - (Via Nazionale, 65 Cortona 52044 (AR) - tel: 011-39-0575-603320)
    • Casa Bella Vista - (di Demarchi Simonetta C.S Creti 40 52055- Cortona - tel: 011-39-05750610311)
    • Poggio Santangelo - (Localit√† Farneta 42/44 - 52044 - Cortona (AR) - tel: 39-0575610365)
    • Rugapiana Vacanze - (Via Nazionale, 63 52044 Cortona (AR) tel: 011-39-0575.630712)
    • La Corte dei Papi - (Via La Dogana 12 - 52040 - Cortona - Loc. Pergo Arezzo, Italy - tel: 011-39-0575-614109)
    • Villa di Piazzano - (Piazzano 7, 52044 - Piazzano - Italy - tel: 39 075 826226)

    • Park Hotel ai Cappuccini - (Tourist S.p.A. Sede legale Via Tifernate snc - 06024 Gubbio (PG) - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-9234
    • Borgo di Carpiano - (Gubbio - Perugia - Umbria - tel: 011-39-075-920337
    • Italian HolidaysLocated between Gubbio & Assisi. Check website for contact info. 
    • La Cuccagna - (Fraz. S. Cristina - 22 - 06024 - Gubbio (PG) - tel: 011-39-075-920317

    • Todi Castle Estate - (Voc. Capecchio, Fraz. Collelungo Di Baschi - Collelungo, 5020 Collelungo
      011-39-0744 -952082
    Citta della Pieve
    • Casteluccio Palusse - (Vocabolo Castelluccio, 13 - 06062 - Citta' della Pieve - Italy - tel: 011-39-0578 298795
    Fratta Todina
    • Fonte Antica - (fraz. Campi - 06046 Norcia (PG) - tel: 011-39-074-382852)
    • Torrepalombara(Strada della Cantinetta, 3 - 05035 - Narni (PI) - tel: 074-4090173)
    • Villa Monte Solare - (Via Montali, 7 - 06068 - Tavernelle di Panicale (Perugia) - tel. (011-39- 075-832376)

    • Inn Casa -  (Localita San Giorgio, 6 - Orvieto (Terni) - tel: 011-3-0763-393682)
    • Orvieto Hotel Duomo - (Vicolo di Maurizio, 7 - 05018 Orvieto (Tr) - Italia - Tel: 39-0763-341887)
    • Casa Selita -(Strada di Porta Romana 8 05018 Orvieto (TR) - 011-39-0763-344218)
    • Castello Monterone - (Strada Montevile, 3 - Perugia - 06126 - tel: 011-39-075-5724214)
    • Le Torri di Bagnara - (Strada della Bruna, 8 - 06134, Pieve San Quirico, Perugia - Italy - tel: 011-39-075-5792001)
    • San Fiorenzo - (Via Alessi, 45 Perugia - tel: Cell. 3772414116)
    • Hotel Ilgo - (Via Agostino Di Duccio, 1 - 06126 Perugia - Tel +390755736641, Fax +390755720720) - The Ilgo hotel is a historic hotel of Perugia. Located a couple steps from the historical center and in an ideal position to reach the most important monuments of the city. With a wide choice of rooms and suites, the Ilgo Hotel is the ideal solution for a variety of stays. All rooms are tastefully furnished and equipped with bathroom, telephone, TV, wi-fi air conditioning, mini bar and room service. The hotel has Gluten-free restaurant; the hotel offers its guests a covered parking lot, a terrace with solarium and a free shuttle service.

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