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Below is a basic list of some of the restaurants in the Tuscumbrian towns that we have visited or have received reviews from friends and family. This list is far from complete as there are many restaurants that we have yet to learn of and visit. We have provided brief reviews for those restaurants that we have visited and offer a short description of the type of cuisine and service you can expect. If you wish to post a review of a restaurant please send us your review or post it yourself in our forum section.

We put the restaurants into one of three categories: Strongly Recommend [SR], Highly Recommend [HR], Look Elsewhere [LE]. We hope that this grading method along with our brief review will enable you to make a better informed decision on which restaurants to choose to go to. Please keep in mind that it is possible for restaurant quality to improve or decline in any given year and that one should use the reviews below simply as opinions to help you make an informed decision on where to and where not to eat. We believe that making your own opinion is always the best route to go!

Included in the list below are many restaurants that we have not yet had the chance to review or received a review on but have decided to list as a convenience to our readers. These restaurants will have no rating designation. Once we are able to review the restaurant for ourselves or receive a review from someone who has eaten at the restaurant then a designation will be applied. We have provided basic contact information for these restaurants and a website address when possible. If you have eaten at any of these restaurants, would like to add a restaurant to the list or send us your review we will gladly post it on our site. Please follow the "Submit a Review" link on the menu bar or click here: Submit a Review.

Lastly, it is important to remember that restaurants often change ownership and/or management so the quality of service and food can change (for the better or worse). Please use the reviews below as a means to supplement additional current restaurant reviews. Also please make sure you double check with the restaurants to make sure that they are still open for business, whether a reservation is necessary and what their operating hours of business are. Happy eating!

R E S T A U R A N T     R E V I E W S

SR = Strongly Recommend 
HR = Highly Recommend 
LE = Look Elsewhere

  • Ristorante la Locanda di Nonna Gelsa - (Via Centrale, 14 - Niccone 06010, Tel: 075 9410699) - Located in the village of Niccone this is by far one of our personal favorites as the ownership and staff are extremely personable and the food is always excellent.We first ate at this restaurant when it was located just around the corner from the main piazza in Old Umbertide and we had the pleasure of meeting Chiara and her father who both cooked and served the meals. We often recall to this day how sublime the food was and how surprised we were by the quality of the dishes in a place so far off the beaten path. Over the past five years or so the restaurant has moved to a bigger space outside of Umbertide in the Village of Niccone where Chiara and her husband now run the restaurant together. This is a can't miss restaurant and we urge anyone in the area to stop by to meet Chiara (who speaks perfect English) and and sample their dishes. [SR] Read our full review HERE

With the owner Chiara (white shirt)
Outdoor eating tent at Nonna Gelsa's Ristorante
Our son enjoying a frozen lemon sorbet desert

    Outside of Girasoli's
  • La Fattoria I Girasoli Di Saint Andrea - Located in the Niccone Valley - We have eaten here several times and have enjoyed each sitting tremendously. The staff and ownership are very warm and go above and beyond to ensure that your dinning experience is a pleasant one. Girasoli specializes in meats so we would avoid this if you solely want vegetarian. Girasoli also offers private wine & olive oil tasting courses and vinyard tours for an additional fee (typically about 25 Euro per person). We had a terrific time on our wine & olive oil tasting here. Eric, the manager, was very pleasant, attentive and knowledgeable and the staff gave us just the right attention. [SR]
With the manager, Eric, and a staff member

Wine & olive oil tasting

Girasoli's staff is excellent with kids
  • Agriturismo Ristorante Calagrana - (Preggio, 13, v. del Forno., Tel: 075 941 0865, closed Tuesday) Located in the small town of Spedalicchio, this Family run restaurant has an intimate feel to it and is home to beautiful views of the Umbrian hills. Calagrana is also an agriturismo (place where you can stay) and is a great place to stay for a couple of nights. The chef (and owner), Alberto Chiappa, is a former 5 star chef who has cooked in Paris, Italy and London. [HR] Read our full review HERE.

  • Agriturismo La Chuisa - Located in the Niccone Valley - We have eaten at this restaurant a couple of times and while not overly impressed by the dishes we did enjoy the atmosphere and service. Dishes are made from meats and produce grown on the property. The price is a bit high in our opinion but we would still recommend this to travelers visiting the area. Reservations are necessary. [HR]

  • Trattoria Mimmi - (Tel: 0575-619-029) Located in the center of the town of Mercatale in the Niccone Valley on the south side of Via Pietro La Cortona, just west of the center of town. This restaurant also doubles as a B&B.We have eaten at Mimi's many times and have enjoyed every experience. The staff and service are adequate but it is the food that really deserves the praise. We first stumbled across Mimi's late one evening and were surprised to find a place still open and willing to serve us. Mimi's serves large portions of her now locally famous homemade pasta, a selection of antipasti followed by meats and a decent table wine as part of their fixed menu. Often one can hear shouting emanating from the kitchen followed by dishes of food being carried out to awaiting customers. There is no mistake that Mimi is in charge. We strongly recommend you visit this restaurant. Reservations are advised but not necessary. [SR]

  • Ristorante La Castagna - (via del forno 13, Tel: 075 9410294) Located in Preggio Castagna offers a breathtaking view of the Umbria (make sure you make reservations to sit outside terrace to take advantage of the view). We have heard mixed reviews about this restaurant from both friends and family and can easily conclude that this restaurant is a "hit or miss" in that the quality of service and food is very much determined by the night you go and who is working at the restaurant. The last time we went we were very dissatisfied with the service and food that we received. The restaurant was understaffed and food was just cosi-cosi (so so). It seemed as though the restaurant was unable to meet the demands of a large group (10+ persons) that evening as the dishes came out at different times with some guests having to wait over 1 hour for their first dish to arrive while others finished their last. If it is a spectacular dinner view you are after and are traveling in a small group then Castagna might be a decent choice. However, after our last experience we cannot recommend this place and would suggest that you look elsewhere. [LE] 

Still waiting to eat at La Castagna
  • La Rocca(Piazza caduti del lavoro, 4, 06019 - Umbertide (PG) tel: 0759-411-828) - Located in Umbertide this restaurant offers nothing fancy and is very much average food and service. [LE]

  • Ristorante San Giorgio -  (Via Mancini, 3, 06019 Umbertide, Italy tel: 0759-412-944) - Very knowledgeable staff, food is delicious and the ambiance is warm and inviting. If you are looking for large sized courses then look elsewhere as this leans more on the gourmet size. [SR] 

  • Orchestra - (Via Mancini, 3, Tel: 075 9420393) - Located in Umbertide  this restaurant has a wine bar and is pleasant to eat at. [HR]
  • Ristorante Capponi - (19, Piazza XXV Aprile, center of Umbertide) - We have experienced eating at Capponi several times while staying at the hotel. The restaurant offers local as well as regional dishes but the quality is just cosi-cosi (so so). We would recommend looking elsewhere. [LE]  (***This review was submitted to us. We have eaten at Capponi twice and have enjoyed both experiences and the hospitality has been great. We would highly recommend [HR] this restaurant. It is also important to note that the restaurant is separately owned from the Hotel. During our most recent visit to Umbertide the restaurant staff was especially helpful to us when we ran into a small problem with a locked door at the Hotel which is situated in the same building as the restaurant.)  "Ours is a seasonal menu, many dishes follow the seasonality of products. Antipasti, homemade pasta (do not miss stuffed noodles, dumplings, as well as the charcuterie with truffles), local meats (veal with cherry and sweet from the very traditional combination of lamb and roast duck;) Sweets tradition: to try to brustengolo polenta with dried fruit to the anisette. In summer we offer a small menu of fish. Every day there is a choice from a menu of the day from 15.00. The wine list is fairly stocked with an emphasis on the wines of our Umbria. We are open lunch and dinner all year." (Capponi Ristorante desciption submitted to us by the restaurant owner)
      • Locanda Appennino - (Via L. Grilli 19/21, 06019 Umbertide, Tel: 075 3536585) - Located in Umbertide just off the main square this ristorante offers excellent quality dishes and a terrific balcony dining area. Laura, the owner, speaks English and the food is all homemade. We would strongly recommend eating here if you are passing through the area. [SR] Read our full review HERE

      • CA.RE.MA - (Via della Repubblica, 06019 Umbertide, Tel: 075 9413406) - Not too far from COOP supermarket in the commercial part of Umbertide it has antipasto, pizza and pastas at an affordable price. [HR]
      • Ristorante Poggiomanente - Located at the Gubbio/Umbertide exit on the E45, this restaurant is in the cellar of a 15th century farmhouse. This is a favorite with locals for its traditional Umbrian dishes. Pizza is offered in the evening and this restaurant is open seven days of the week. We strongly recommend eating here for the ambiance and food. [SR] Read our full review HERE

      • C'era Una Volta  - (Via Martiri dei lager 2, 06019 Umbertide, Italy tel: 075-9412-641) - Winery, wine bar and has a restaurant that offers home made pasta dishes. [HS]
      • Pizzeria Habenero - (Piazza San Francesco 3, Umbertide, Italy tel: 0759415744) - Local pizzeria with fantastic classic Italian pizza but with an updated feel. Mostly locals eat here (which is often a great sign) and sometimes the service can be slow due to typically having only one waiter. The price is affordable and the experience is worth the wait. [HR] 

      • Ristorante Pomarancio -  (Via Gabriotti 14 | a due passi dal Centro Storico, 06019 Umbertide, Italy 0759415886) - Probably the only big plus about this restaurant is that it is open on Mondays when most other restaurants are closed in the area. Decor is out of character for the area with orange glowing sinks in the bathroom standing out as a memorable design oddity. However, the high price and experience by our friends with poor service make this restaurant one to skip. [LE] 

      • Lo Sberleffo - (Lo Sberleffo, Umbertide, Umbria GPS: 43.318059,12.305031) - is a little difficult to find, you head out of Umbertide towards Montone, but before leaving the town take a road on the left, signed “Lo Sberleffo”, this takes you through open countryside before turning right at a second sign.  Lo Sberleffo is a restaurant serving pasta and meat dishes with pizzas an option in the evening. It's a good place to take children because of the outdoor dining area, the playground and for those who are interested, the option to fish in the nearby lakes. Marco, the owner, has a lot of character and is a very social guy. [SR] 

      • La Cisterna, Sansepolcro - (Via S. Giuseppe 27, Sansepolcro - Tel: 0575-740938, closed on Mondays) A small but inviting restaurant located in a beautiful town not too far from Umbertide and home to the famous Piero della Francesca art works at the Museo Civico, offers a unique atmosphere and twist on Tuscan cuisine. [HR]
      • Hostaria la Tufa - (0575-677717)   - This restaurant is located in the small town of Ossaia which is between Cortona and Terontola. Located around a bend the restaurant has parking one street up the hill from it. The ambiance is nice and the food is good. The staff is generally pleasant but on some occasions when big crowds come to eat one can be left unattended too. During one visit, we brought a large group (20+ people) to eat dinner here only to find that the management completely disreguarded our previously agreed upon cost per/person. However, once we applied a little pressure on the management (threatened to call the police) to stick to the agreed upon price everything went well and the food came out swiftly. Apparently, after having shared our experience with other people we learned that this tactic of agreeing on a per/person price and then disregarding the agreement once the party arrives is a common tactic employed by some restaurants in the hope of making more money. If you are passing by Ossaia this is a good restaurant for small families and couples but we'd look elsewhere if you are traveling as part of a large group. [HR/LE]

      If you liked reading our review of these restaurants and you intend on going to eat at any of these restaurants please do mention to the restaurant management that you read our review. Additionally, we encourage all our readers, family and friends to submit their own reviews of their restaurant experiences either directly to us, through the submission link above or in the comments section below each review. Thanks!
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