Restaurant Review: Nonna Gelsa's Ristorante

R E S T A U R A N T     R E V I E W

SR = Strongly Recommend 
HR = Highly Recommend 
LE = Look Elsewhere

L O C A N D A   D I   N O N N A   G E L S A

Via Centrale, 14 - Niccone 06010
Tel: 075 9410699

Located in the village of Niccone this is by far one of our personal favorites as the ownership and staff are extremely personable and the food is always excellent. We have eaten here many times and have sent many of our friends and family to eat here too.

Getting to Nonna Gelsa's is really very easy.  If you are coming from Umbertide, you simply follow the road signs to Mercatale and Cortona (S416). When you reach the sharp turn (you can either go straight to Citta di Castello or make the sharp turn left to Cortona) the restaurant will be on your left. If you are coming from Cortona, look for sings for Nicconne and the restaurant will be on your right well before you make a sharp turn right towards Umbertide. There is ample parking space in the private parking lot owned by the restaurant. Reservations for large groups is a must.

We first ate at this restaurant with our dear friends Katharine & Lenny Michaels when it was located just around the corner from the main piazza in Old Umbertide and we had the pleasure of meeting Chiara and her father who both cooked and served the meals. We remember, to this day, how incredible the food was. In particular, we remember eating an anchovie antipasta (off the menu) which just blew us away.

Taken with Chiara (owner) February 2007

Outdoor dining tent at Nonna Gelsa's Ristorante

Chiara is very charming and personable. When we first met Chiara, she was still working on her English. Now, she is perfectly fluent which is a testament to her drive to succeed. Her drive to succeed took her restaurant to new heights as she made the decision over ten years ago to move the restaurant and her family to a bigger space outside of Umbertide located in the Village of Niccone. The decor of the restaurant is elegant and tastefully designed. The relatively new outdoor eating area is situated under a big tent which provides shelter from the elements.

The food quality has not changed (fresh, delicious and cooked to perfection!) and the the same great hospitality that we first experienced in Umbertide remains to this day. We eat at Nonna Gelsa's Ristorante at least once during every visit and is our go-to restaurant for family and friends. We were, however, disappointed that we could not eat at Nonna Gelsa's this past trip (August 2011) as we were fully booked trying out other restaurants in the area. We can confidently say, however, that out of our own personal experiences eating at Nonna Gelsa's that this is a can't-miss restaurant and we urge anyone in the area to stop by to meet Chiara and and sample her dishes. We strongly recommend eating at Nonna Gelsa! [SR]

Taken with Chiara (owner) August, 2011

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