At it's most literal, an Agriturismo is the combination of two Italian words - Agriculture + Tourism. In 1985, to encourage the growth and continuation of small farms throughout Italy, the Italian government helped small farmers to augment their incomes by allowing farmers, by law, to transform part of their property into a resort where vacationers could stay.  Since it's inception, it has become a growing niche of the tourist industry in Italy that offers visitors a place to stay (typically on a weekly basis, though some offer nightly) on a farmhouse far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Many of the Agriturismi (plural form of Agriturismo) provide luxury amenities which might include a swimming pool, restaurant or both. Some Agriturismo even offer services and amenities that are on par with high-end hotels that one finds in the bigger cities.

Typically, an Agriturismo offers raw foods that are organically grown on their property and later used in dishes served to their guests. Most Agriturismi have swimming pools though the sizes of these pools vary. Some Agriturismo make every effort to be "green" or "echo-friendly" in their use of materials, foods and even pools (some use salt water instead of chlorine). Many Agriturismi offer other services and amenities such as cooking lessons, catered meals, tours, car service or grocery shopping for an additional fee. The owners wear many hats and often run the place as staff, chef, tour guide, concierge or driver. The owners are often pleasant and give their guests an insider's insight into the history and culture of the town they live in.

Agriturismo resources
Altabella Properties is only one example of an Agriturismo and is a property that we hold in very high regard and would recommend to anyone wishing to stay in central Italy. To learn more about Altabella Properties please visit our section on Altabella: A Slice of Tuscumbrian Paradise.

Here are some other useful Agriturismo resourced:

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