Natural, Organic, Raw, Vegan & Vegetarian Foods In Italy

We have many friends that have alternative eating lifestyles and have great respect for them and their decision to eat healthier. Italians, in general, eat very well and much of what they eat is quite healthy. However, with the introduction of more foods from America, there is a growing movement to go back to the basics and to discover new, healthier eating habits.

Natural & Organic Foods
It is possible to find small natural foods stores in small towns all over Tuscany and Umbria. You can also find some organic products such as eggs, butter, noodles at the larger supermarkets. Usually they are grouped together and labeled "Bio".

Un Punto Macrobiotico  - There are several of these macrobiotic/natural food restaurants combined with small specialty food stores throughout Umbria and Tuscany. A great resource to look for the location and addresses of such places is Happy Cow. (Also see Happy Cow Europe and Biobank).

Vegetarian Eating

Eating Raw, Vegan & Vegetarian in Italy

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