Destination: Umbertide

 C O M U N E    D I    U M B E R T I D E

Formerly known as Fratta but later changed to Umbertide (after Prince Umberto), the Comune di Umbertide has transformed itself from a small rural environ of Perugia to a bustling, hip - but still off the beaten path - town with excellent restaurants, contemporary & modern art museums and a growing commercial shopping area. Many Italians come to visit the town and the multitude of little hamlets that surround it and it has become quite popular with celebrities such as Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth and Monica Bellucci.

Umbertide can easily be reached by many modes of transportation. By car, simply take the E45 and get off at the Umbertide/Gubbio exit. If you are traveling by train, it is possible to catch an FCU train from Perugia to the center of Umbertide or you can take a train to Terontola (an environ of Cortona) which is about 45 minutes away by car.

Map of Umbertide (click picture to enlarge)

Here is just a brief overview of some of the main attractions one can find in Umbertide:
  • the castle of Civitella Ranieri, 5 km (3 mi) NE, one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in Umbria.
  • the abbey of S. Salvatore di Montecorona 4 km (2.5 mi) S, which has a beautiful eleventh‑century crypt with early Romanesque capitals and naïve 18th century painted ceilings.
  • the medieval castle of Polgeto
  • the abbey church of S. Bartolomeo de' Fossi, sited on a sharp ridge with distant views on either side
  • the walled medieval village of  Borgo Santa Guiliana
  • Chiesa della Collegiata (church)
  • La Rocca (modern & contemporary art museum)
  • Re-designed area below La Rocca which includes a new footbridge and other changes to make the town more aesthetic and accessible.

The official website for the Comune di Umbertide can be found HERE and is a great resource for all of the latest information and news on everything going on in Umbertide.

You can find more detailed information about town of Umbertide in our section Altabella: A slice of Tuscumbrian Paradise.

Umbertide is a very nice town to visit if you are passing through the area or stopping over for a couple of nights. The historical part of Umbertide (we call "Old Umbertide") has a very beautiful old piazza where many of the locals like to hang out having drinks, playing cards, shopping at the outdoor market or catching a summer concert. There are many very good restaurants and places to shop. In the evenings it is not difficult to find something interesting going on.

Our son playing with his car while kids pass by on their bicycles

Posing for a picture in the main piazza
If you walk just outside the main piazza it is possible to find two major landmarks, The Rocca and the Collegiata. The Rocca is the old forte which now houses a contemporary & modern art museum and the Collegiata which is octagonal building that is one of the primary churches in the historical part of Old Umbertide. In front of La Rocca, is a newly renovated and redesigned area that has a footbridge, landscaped walkways and is very pleasant to walk around. Events such as wine tasting have taken place in this new area and the new design makes it incredibly beautiful both at night and during the daytime. 

A view of the newly redesigned part of Umbertide

Getting a piggy-back ride in front of the Collegiata

Posing on the new footbridge in Umbertide

Just a five minute drive on the road leading you out of Old Umbertide and to the E45 one will find the commercial part of Umbertide which has many of the bigger stores and shopping centers such as COOP and Maestro. This part of Umbertide is more modernized and also has a growing number of residential buildings, parks, playgrounds and restaurants. Over the past ten years we have witnessed a marked growth in this part of Umbertide. 

We highly recommend visiting Umbertide if you are traveling near Perugia or happen to be passing through or staying somewhere in the Niccone Valley. You will find friendly people, great restaurants and historical attractions. If you would like to share your knowledge of Umbertide with us please do so in the comments below or contact us directly using the feedback tab on the left.

To view more pictures of Umbertide click HERE

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